Hello, My name is Jack. I have a passion for technology and a burning desire to start my own business whereby I provide IT support on weekends and evenings.
I figured it only made sense to start an I.T consultancy business as it is what I know best and enjoy doing. If you require any one of our services I am sure you will be hearing from me more and more and I will most likely be the engineer carrying out any work.

I have been interested in technology for as long as I can remember. I spent a lot of my school years programming and still to this day dabble in and out of programming.
I have been an avid 'tinkerer' and I owe most of my hardware knowledge to messing about with computers and laptops and seeing the internal parts to see how they work, what they look like and learning what they do.

I love to take photographs, make websites, mess with technology, go fishing, ride my mountain bike and spend time with family and friends.

I was born in the millenium so I missed the wonders of Dial up internet, Windows 2000 and more however I am up to speed nowadays and get drafted into all the odd jobs around the house and with family and friends. During the day I am a Junior IT Engineer in Birmingham and then I run this business on the side during the evenings and weekends - I was previously an IT apprentice.

I enjoy my job as an engineer as we have a large customer base where no two problems are remotely similar due to the varities of business models out there and various business models require various different IT configurations and setups.

My job and mainly my apprenticeship has allowed me to work with servers, workstations, phone systems, cloud environments, datacenter envirionments, laptops and mobile phones and has also helped me gain people skills, telephone skills and general communicaion skills.

Most of all it has given me a huge confidence boost. I have enjoyed my time as an engineer and also an apprentice so far and I hope to continue at my current place of work for the forseeable future. I love my job because I get a kick out of helping people solve their issues and I also feel like I have accomplised something if I surpass a problem which even, at first sight, would make me want to give up.

Some issues are straight forward and are very rewarding to solve as I can tackle more issues in a set amount of time, however I do love sinking my teeth into a project or an in-depth issue.

I hope you enjoyed reading about me, my ambitions and what drives me to strive for success.

I hope to speak soon,


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